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learngevity is the intersection of learning & longevity

Training is only as good as an employee’s ability to remember it, right? Let’s face it, everything that glitters isn’t gold – and not everything sold as “learning” is great.

We make memorable, actionable and impactful learning that sticks.  From compliance-based training to leadership development, we’ve got you covered!

Who we are and what we do

We’re a learning company bent on helping small healthcare providers deliver quality education to their employees.

We know that good learning contributes to great care. So, we create engaging, efficient and economical learning options for healthcare providers who don’t have resources to create their own training and are sticker-shocked by the cost to purchase from companies that only target big players. 

We exist because we think EVERY healthcare provider deserves great training options – not just the heavyweights.

We're art, science, and 100% real.

We use creative designers, instructional artists and vocational experts. We may not be creating Mona Lisas, but our work is just as artful, science-based and true-to-life. We make training that’s impactful and practical so that learners can quickly apply what they’ve learned (that makes it super sticky, so they remember it!). 

We're mixin' it up!

Yep. We’re a mixed group of professionals with decades of combined industry expertise. Think party mix. With clinicians, instructional designers, graphic artists, digital producers and subject matter experts to keep it real, our team is a perfect balance of sweet, salty and crunch. 

We’re not so hard to impress.

We believe that great training should be in the hands of everyone, so we keep the cost of entry low and we don’t judge you based on your status in the healthcare neighborhood (because we know small and mighty is totally a thing).


Truth. That’s why we use proven design models and strategies that get to the core of what learners need to be successful and compliant without going through a lot of hoops to get there.


Let’s face it. Hoops belong at a circus, not in healthcare.

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